Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lost and Found

"I once was lost, but now I'm found."

Here's another way to think of it. Many know the Lord, but have "lost" something. Some have lost hope, clear perception, or clarity of vision. Many have lost energy to go on. Some have lost joy or peace. The beautiful thing is, whatever we have lost, in Christ, we can find!

Another beautiful thing is, we can even be instrumental in helping one another find that which we've lost.

I have been in many labor/delivery rooms and have watched women labor, and do quite well. And then there's that stage called transition! It's as if they lose focus, can't think clearly and teeter on the brink of a point of no return. (Does this place sound familiar? We've all been there and some of us may be there, right now). I have climbed up in the bed with the mom-to-be, demanded her focus and reminded her of her desires re: the birth. I've articulated, back to her, what she's dreamed her baby would look like, called her baby by name and, in no time, she seemed to rally and caught a second wind. She found that hope, energy, strength, again, to finish the race and to hold the prize, in her arms, the fulfillment of the dream; the baby she carried for, what seemed like forever.

In my own births, I've been to the point that felt like torment. I knew all the right things to do and say (as previously mentioned), but when it came to my own births, all logic went out the window. I often would rely on my husband's voice, in my ear, praying and reminding me of God's promises and my friends' soothing words and encouragement that got me through the most difficult phase.

Many people have dreams and hopes, but at the point in the process when they've lost the energy or strength or even the ability to see the fulfillment, at hand, it takes a friend or loved one to get their attention, speak truth and remind them of their hope.

Whether you are one, right now, that needs to be rallied or you're one who has a story to share that can help someone else regain focus/engery, there is hope. In Christ, and a community of loved ones, what once was lost, will be found!

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