Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Being Brave,Together

Being brave can be scary. It can even be messy. Being brave means getting out of the boat and walking away from familiarity and safety. What does that look like practically?

For some, it may mean leaving a job to embark on a new career path. It might be taking a risk for sake of relationship. Or it could be simply getting out of bed and facing the day doing ordinary "life."  It's nearly impossible to be brave, alone.

When Peter was walking toward Jesus, Scriptures never say the waters were calm. On the contrary, they were rough waves, but as long as he locked eyes with Jesus, he never sank and he was never alone.

Life can be rough and circumstances can beat us up like fierce waves, that sometimes feel there's no break. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus and lock arms, with those around you, that have the guts and courage to walk on the water, as well. We will never get anywhere, of purpose, with people that want to stay in the boat of comfort and apathy!

I'm surrounded by strong, courageous people. TOGETHER, we bravely do this thing called "life." We have walked away from our safe mindsets, our religious boxes and our comfortable boats and we are endeavoring to walk on the waters, in our journeys ordained by God. We choose to abandon ship, together. Sometimes it's a daily choice, or moment by moment, but there's nothing I'd rather be doing than walking on the water (away from our boats), arm in arm with...my people!

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