Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Your Team-Your People

It's football season! Being a mom who has boys in the sport makes it all the more exciting. Noah, our soon-to-be 16 yr old, is now playing.

Here are several things I've observed when watching football....
1. A lot of guys are on the field, but there is only a portion who are on your team.
2. Your team has your back.
3. Your team defends you and guards you from the opposition
4. Your team encourages you and cheers you on.
5.  Everyone on your team plays a particular part or role.
6. It takes your team to survive and win!

I have been referring to a football team, but consider who your team is, in life. Your team is the people that, "have your back, defend you and guard you from the opposition, encourage you, cheer you on, play a particular role in your life and help you to survive and win in this game called 'life!'"

My TEAM are those, around me, who have been there for me. They are those that I know I can trust and I know love me, no matter what! They know my heart and I don't have to explain myself all the time. My TEAM has my back when pressures are on every side and I feel weary. They are the ones whom I know I can call in the middle of the night. What am I saying?! They are the ones I HAVE called in the middle of the night! They are the ones I have cried to, when I didn't think I could take another step or who has cheered me on when they saw I was approaching my goal or a dream. My TEAM are the ones that when I've been at my lowest or in my darkest season, called me, encouraged me and were right there with me. My TEAM, or I like to say "MY PEOPLE" are the ones I sit around a table with, partaking of physical nourishment, while at the same time, taking in rich nourishment of the soul. Fellowshipping, nurturing, growing, bonding, deepening, sometimes conflicting, laughing, crying.... and all the while doing life, together.

Don't get me wrong, a TEAM is not an elite group. We all have a TEAM that we're a part of. You have a TEAM. You're part of a team. Ask yourself, who are those on your team. They are the ones closest to your heart, those you allow to see the vulnerable, private place of yourself. You feel safe with your TEAM. Sometimes TEAM players change and circumstances alter things for you, geographically or circumstancially, but unless there's been a broken bond, there is always a connection.

Jesus was, more often than not, around people, yet He had his twelve and then His three; His TEAM. 
We are created for TEAM mentality. We are created for connection and relationship. If you are a part of a TEAM and have a TEAM to do life with, be thankful. If you don't, then initiate relationship, mend broken relationships and ask God to heal and restore. We can always do better, and be better, on a TEAM. It's alot more fun, too!

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