Thursday, August 21, 2014

I'm Back

Hi Friend, I am Lawrita (lah REE tuh) and this is where I'm practicing being vulnerable. This is my "point of contact." A place I can connect with you.

 I am a people-person. Yes, life is very full here, in the mid-west, with our nine children. The testosterone of seven boys, keeps me on my toes and the estrogen of our two girls can provide enough balance with plenty of sugar and spice and everything nice....and a little bit of DRAMA! Yes, we know what "causes it" and "yes, we are done!" I am one of those girls who is sometimes, overly-optimistic, starry-eyed and a dreamer. I tend to err on the side of taking on everyone else's feelings and I'm a recovering-rescuer. I am an encourager through and through and desire nothing more than to be instrumental in leaving a seed, or a boulder, of hope for anyone who will open their heart.

 If I knew then what I know now, I would have become a midwife. I am a birth-addict. I fill my birth addiction as a birth coach and doula. I find physical birth to be a great anaolgy for the stages and processes, in life, in which we all dance. I like to think of myself as a spiritual birth coach. I find it my playground to be elbow deep in life and all of its messiness. Whether you're birthing a baby or birthing a dream (which could sometimes be one-in-the-same), there is a "rhythm" to those process(es).

 I want to connect, with you, and together we feel encouraged and empowered to authentically BE. May we discover and realize the dreams held deep within our souls; that they may be birthed and we can dance to their rhythms. I find there are so many things I love! I am learning to give myself permission to enjoy certain things and not aplogize for it. One of those simple things I love is to be a home-maker. Not in the tradional sense, necessarily, but I love to "make a home." I love to create an atmosphere. My favorite thing to do is to sit with my family or friends, enjoy food, fun and fellowship! Feet curled up in the couch, glass in hand, talking, laughing, crying....connecting and making time our friend. My header is a picture of a couch. An image of a place to connect and visit. So, grab your glass, curl up in your chair, take a deep breath and stay awhile. You are welcome here!


  1. Knowing you and your family gives this a much greater meaning for me. Love the couch and what it represents. I think I'll be a regular here.