Sunday, August 24, 2014

I'm (not-so-young) and Restless

I'm sitting here, in bed, laptop open and feeling frustrated! Remember, I've stated that this blog is a place for me to "practice" being vulnerable. Vulnerability for a type-A/recovering people-pleaser, as myself, can be a highly intense state of mind...UGH! I'm feeling RESTLESS, or should I say, frustrated! (Restless sounds a little more pleasant). 

There are so many plans I want to do; ideas I want to initiate and thoughts I want to write, and yet, I can't seem to get from Point A to Point Z. It's the steps in-between I can't quite decipher. It's the process I loathe. (Process, by the way, is an ugly word for "journey.") So I'll rephrase it to say, "I find it difficult to embrace the journey."

 We all are in journeys. What's the "journey" you're in? If you are at point A, or any point in your journey for that matter, what does Point Z look like to you? Where are your eyes focused and set like a flint? Remember, this blog is about a place to hang out and we connect. Referring to the image of the sofa (my header) we're sitting and chatting. We have our glass in hand. Tell me where are you, in your journey, and feeling RESTLESS?

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