Friday, August 22, 2014

Real Life and Re-Arranging

We have done some re-arranging around here. We have a large, farm-house kitchen. Not only do we have a living room, but we have a little sitting area, with tv, in the kitchen. I LOVE IT! Everyone seems to hang out in the kitchen, now. While we're cooking, cleaning up, etc., we are chatting, visiting, connecting about our day and comparing notes. All while doing "REAL LIFE" stuff, we're RELATING.

Isn't that how God is and what He wants for us? To connect with us in our "real life" stuff, and all it's messiness. He wants to connect and RELATE to the messiness and normal part of life.

In the same way, we can connect and RELATE to those around us, in mundane, every day patterns of life. Sometimes doing the most natural things, is really supernatural. I am often finding myself in the middle of "ah-ha" moments and hearing God's whispers when at the kitchen sink, washing dishes. Sometimes, the best conversations and RELATING to people is when we are in the middle of "life." Sometimes, it just takes a little re-arranging.

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