Saturday, September 26, 2015


Earlier today, I read something about the word "let" that struck a chord in me. The definition of "let" is to not prevent, to give permission or opportunity to and to allow. The first thing that came to me is...

The story of Mary, when the angel appeared to her and told her not to be afraid and proceded to explain the upcoming miraculous conception and birth of Jesus. Her response to his words were "LET it be as you have said." She was positioning her heart to be in agreement with God's plan. She was was choosing to not prevent, but to give permission or opportunity to and to allow...the process. She was engaging herself to be a participant in the plan!

Earlier this week, I posted on Facebook how I was learning to "lean;" or rather trying to make a habit of what I've learned since I was a little girl, to LET go of the things that are comfortable and embrace God's plans. He has a hope and a future for each of us, but the most difficult thing feels like LETting go! Letting go of circumstances. LETting go of grown children as they spread their wings. This year, I've LET go of homeschooling (still doing the happy dance on this one). I've LET go of being a stay-at-home mom (not so easy). I've had to LET my children experience consequences to their choices (even more difficult). Some things are easy to LET go of and some are just simply...NOT! 

The part of the equation that completes our response is not to just LET go, but to embrace. Embrace God, embrace His ways, embrace His plans. Whatever your wresting against, LET go and trust God. His plans are always, always for our good. 

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