Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Are You Standing at the Edge?

I've been reading Joshua, the story of the Israelites. God told them to "be watching, He was going to do miracles for them."  He then told them to go to the "waters' edge and put their feet in." It was then that the waters parted and God took them to the "other side."

Sometimes, I get tired of "watching." I get caught up in life and lose sight of the things I'm hoping for.  "Watching" is a physical response to the word "believing." I wonder if we lose our  sight because we aren't believing, anymore?! (hhmmmmm)

When going to the waters' edge, we have to go the end of what we are capable of doing ourselves; only God can do the rest! Again, life carries me away and I don't maintain my stance, standing at the edge of the impossible for the things I'm believing for. The distance between where I'm standing and where I'm wanting to be, "the other side," is TOO VAST!

So my take on all this....Watch, Believe and Stand!

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