Wednesday, October 4, 2017

God is About Dreaming Big

It's been two years since my last blog post. There's been alot of road traveled in the past two years! I may have seemed quiet, but focus was on building my spiritual self and seeking God on some matters. I've been pursuing healing and new vision.

In the past two years, I've gone thru a divorce, had two sons get married, moved twice and began a new career. What this tells me, is this...

God is a God of growth, change, momentum and moving forward. Regardless of the difficulty, God is faithful! In the natural, when I've been pregnant, there were times I looked at my body and thought, how can my body accommodate what's necessary to birth this baby?! In the same way, I've taken a look at myself, my soul and spirit and wondered the same thing. How can I birth this? I know God has more! I know God has put something in me that will make a difference, but how can I do this?!? How am I capable? We may all be asking this.

The truth is, I am not capable, in and of myself! Without God, it's impossible! I'm learning to position myself low, humbly, maintaining my relationship with Him. Allowing myself to be vulnerable and real, then run after, whole-heartedly, the desires of my heart. In Him we can do ALL things! Whatever you're going thru, have gone thru or dreaming of, this one thing I'm sure. No matter, how difficult or impossible something looks, He is Faithful and will accomplish all He has set out to do....for His glory!

Just as we are created to bring life, so we are to bring life and hope to those around us. He will accomplish His will thru us to the world, if we'll let Him! We have to be vulnerable, face our fears, be stretched and tell our bring God glory and change the lives of those around us! We are pregnant with someone's hope, healing and change!

So, here I am, two years later....flexing new found muscles, inhaling fresh air and focusing on new vision....all for His glory!

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