Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pulling Those Weeds!

I've been doing my share of gardening, lately; whether it's been planting in flower pots or in the garden. Planting seeds, watering and now pulling the weeds, it's all beginning to sprout and bloom, the pretty flowers AND the ugly weeds.

I am the type of person that doesn't like missing the mark. None of us really enjoy seeing where we've messed up. For some, it's easy to blow off and move on, but for some of us, we might woller in failure, a bit, then eventually move on. Unfortunately, that is pride. Truth is, we all mess up, but because of God's grace...He is made strong, even in our weakness(es).

The other day, I was pulling weeds and a thought occurred to me, when I pull the weeds, I don't take time analyzing the weeds or studying them. I discard quickly. The whole weeding process is to exemplify and accentuate the beauty of the things and vegetables.

When we mess up and see the negative, whether it be in ourelves or each other, let's just discard the negative and move on! Let's not dwell on the negative, but let's "accentuate the positive" in our lives!

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