Monday, January 12, 2015

Calisthenics of the Soul

It seems, as this new year has taken off, my new mantra is embrace~release~breathe. As I say the words, it sounds like exercise; embrace~release~breathe (repeat) embrace~release~breathe.
Truth is, it feels like major exercise; calisthenics on my soul! 

The things God wants me to embrace are not natural. It takes effort and energy. It's unfamiliar. Embracing new patterns and challenges requires fortitude and intention. 

Releasing what is familiar and second-nature is NOT easy; especially when it's things that were good for a previous season and aren't good for this new season. It too, takes great, if not greater, energy, effort and intention. What my mind tells me and my will wants to do is in conflict with one another and both are wrestling my emotions. It usually feels painful and a little chaotic. At times, my soul is frantic!

Breathing is being intentional to rest and trust in God's leading.  In all the transitioning and pushing through these changes, breathing allows for increase in energy and strength. The Jewish pronunciation of God, or Yahweh is the sound of a breath. Even in living, God's grace meets us when we can't do anything in ourselves. When all we can do is breathe, that's enough. God's grace is sufficient. His strength is made strong in our weakness.

Is there something you're needing to embrace or release? Be in tuned to His leading. Follow your heart and....breathe. You can't go wrong. The strengthening of our faith and wellness of our souls is always for the good!

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