Thursday, September 18, 2014

Up for a Run?

Hey friends. Glad you're back. I hope your finding my posts encouraging and inspiring. You know how I told you this blog is a place of vulnerability, for me? Where, here's one for ya...

I have been trying to get in more exercise so I've been taking a run, here and there. Some things I've noticed are, one, I'm not in shape! I get winded and feel pain, quickly. After a bit, my chest feels a burning and I hear my pulse in my ears. I din't run very far, but a fair distance. I purposed to speed walk, run a bit, then walk some more and break out into a run...(you get the picture).

After awhile, I began to notice a lot of the same "feelings" in my run of life. Sometimes I feel winded and feel uncomfortable, or even outright pain. Sometimes my chest feels a burning or I hear a pulse in my ears. It's as if, on one hand, I'm feeling pain from a decision I've made that might have not been a pleasant one, on the other hand, it's as if there are times I feel the ache in God's heart, for His people. There are times, when I hear or feel a "pulse" in a situation, I'm reminded that there is life and not death, when the voices would try to convince otherwise.

Tonight, I went for a run and got a ways away I won't tell you how far, but the house was out of sight. (wink) When I turned around and was getting ready to head back, a thought almost overtook me. I realized I was still going to have to get back. I did NOT feel like it! For a moment, I had to focus, remind myself of the positive. I was getting into shape. It was beatiful weather out! I was watching the sunset, while running. It really was all good, even with the pain and stress of it all.

No matter where you're running to, or running from, if you're in pursuit of something or leaving familiarity, acknowledge God's presence and give it all you've got. Pace yourself. Walk a bit, run a bit, but whatever you do, don't take your eyes off the finish line.

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